The OCAP lab can perform a complete analysis of the metal materials used in the main productive processes, such as simple and alloy steel, cast iron and aluminum alloy. In particular, it can verify the conformity of the chemical composition thanks to a mass spectrometer; the conformity of the thermic treatment (such as normalization or temper) through the analysis of the microstructures and the mechanical endurance; the conformity of the superficial treatments (such as induction hardening, carbonitrurating or case-hardening) through the verification of the superficial hardness and the execution of Jominy test in order to define the depth of the same treatments.

The OCAP lab can offer a lot of functional verifications on various components, both as a support to the development of a new project and to the series production. Thanks to the use of special measurement benches designed and realized internally, the OCAP lab can verify the axial and radial backlash and the oscillation and rotation torques of the ball joints, either new or after wear tests, according to the standards required by the most strict international norms (the AK-LH14 for instance).

The OCAP lab does the necessary tests to control the painting processes through the measuring of the thickness, adherence, hardness and brightness of the painting film, while endurance tests against solvents, water and humidity are done in a climatic cell. OCAP expertise in the field of structural analysis, metallurgy, mechanical machining, assembling process and painting allows OCAP to face the most difficult issues through a multidisciplinary researching approach. Starting from the study of the broken or damaged parts, failure analysis experts work to define the root cause and to suggest proper corrective actions.

The long lasting cooperation with Universities, Research Institutions and third-party certified labs also allow OCAP to execute further analyses and tests in very short times.