Since innovation is one of the main areas of competitive advantage, OCAP constantly strengthens its R&D activity as well as its own portfolio of innovative technologies with the aim of strengthening its position as manufacturer of high-technology components.

OCAP R&D Department monitors in primis the company itself in order to optimize working procedures, improve production technologies, thus increasing its competitiveness by performing the necessary innovations. It is focused on the transposition of new concepts and intuitions into successful applications by means of a continuous interaction between the identification of market chances and the development of technical knowhow. For this purpose the reference sectors are regularly analized to develop innovative components, processes and products, to improve the performances of existing products, to reduce the development and implementation costs.

New products can be autonomously tested at the R&D centre of Valperga. It is provided with sophisticated test benches able to check the complete steering and suspension system, simulating road and environmental conditions.