Fully aware of its role and responsibilities, the OCAP Management promotes a Corporate Policy in order to constantly improve itself in the interest of its employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and of the whole company in general.

In order to realize this purpose, OCAP activities are addressed to:

  • the compliance with the law in force, to grant the observance of the laws and the applicable regulations;
  • the customer, for the full satisfaction of the consignee;
  • the suppliers, to promote a deeper integration into Ocap reality, their technological growth in product and service optimization and their awareness towards environmental issues;
  • the market, to maintain, consolidate and strengthen the OCAP presence in the global market;
  • the employees, through the knowledge, sharing and respect of the OCAP corporate policy by means of constant information and training; through the awareness of the roles and tasks inside the company and the creation of a working place where health and safety are a reality;
  • the communication, with the awareness of being part of an integrated social system;
  • the facilities, using the most modern technologies in the respect of safety and environment;
  • the corporate processes and products, making use of the most suitable means to manufacture and test processes and products;
  • the technological resources, to identify and provide all the tools necessary to satisfy and improve the management system;
  • the environmental impact, to respect the ecosystem;
  • the Legislative decree n° 231/01, to ensure legality, honesty and transparency in the company activities, and to respect the model of organization, management and control adopted by OCAP;
  • the supervision, with the adoption and constant use of control instruments aimed at making the corporate structure aware of the respect of planned activities and the achievement of shared aims.

See OCAP Code of Ethics.