The installation of a sophisticated painting system allows OCAP to offer the customer a high-quality product provided with features of high protection against corrosion and external agents.

The production cycle, consisting of degreasing, phosphating and electrostatic painting, together with the application of two-component water-based paints, allows indeed the painting of the assembled product with undeniable quality, aesthetic and environmental advantages.

The painting booth, fully automated and equipped with two reciprocators controlled by a vision (Monitoring) system, guarantees uniform painting thicknesses and perfect sticking of the pigments to the parts.

The colour change is managed by independent pumps in order to minimize setup times and prevent product mixing.

Depending on the customer's requests, OCAP performs painting cycles, which require the application of a single layer of enamel or the application of a first base layer, the so-called primer, and one or more finishing layers.

The employed water-based paints have been specifically developed to ensure correct cross-linking at a temperature of 60 ° C, in order to avoid damaging the plastic or rubber components, which could be especially sensitive both to the presence of solvents and high temperatures.