Innovation, technology and reliability are the winning characteristics of OCAP components for the spare parts independent market..

Track control arms
Steering boot kits
Repairing kits
Ball joints
engine mounts
Tie rod ends
Steering tie rods
Complete tie rods

The product range for the passenger cars includes the following items:

  • hot-forged steel and aluminum track control arms, cast iron and aluminum arms, stamped sheet or tubular arms. They can be equipped with the relevant ball joints which allow the connection to the wheel hub and with elastic rubber, usually referred to as silentblock, which ensure the connection to the vehicle chassis;
  • fixed and adjustable tie rods and the different components which allow the mechanical connection between the steering box and the steering wheels of the vehicle. The wide range of tie rods includes parts equipped with ball joints and silentblocks;
  • fixed and adjustable stabilizer links that allow the connection between the antiroll bar and the suspension systems of the vehicle. The wide range of stabilizers offers parts with ball joints and with silentblocks;
  • engine mounts