The range of OCAP products destined to the commercial vehicles market can be divided into three main families: components for the suspension system, components for the steering system and components belonging to the antiroll system. What is in most cases common to all the families is the presence on the various components of one or more ball joints, either integrated or non.

Steering tie rods
Suspension track control arms
Wheel hubs and carrier or knuckle
Ball joints
Tie rod ends
Complete steering tie rods

OCAP core business is indeed the design and production of ball joints in compliance with the technical specifications of the single automotive manufacturers or with internationally recognized norms. A typical example is the norm AK-LH14, a reference rule for the most important German car manufacturers.

OCAP designs and produces hot-forged steel track control arms, cast iron arms, stamped sheet or tubular arms. They can be equipped with the relevant ball joints which allow the connection to the wheel hub and with elastic rubber joints, usually referred to as silentblock, which ensure the connection to the vehicle chassis. The wide range of suspension arms includes solutions able to satisfy the different kinematic, dynamic and dimensional characteristics determined by the systems used in front and back suspensions. OCAP offers both the most traditional suspension systems (such as suspensions for longitudinal or transversal track control arms, McPherson suspensions or rigid rear axle suspensions ) and solutions for the most performing suspensions systems(such as the double wishbones or multi-link ones).

OCAP designs and produces fixed and adjustable tie rods and the different components which allow the mechanical connection between the steering box and the steering wheels of the vehicle. The wide range of tie rods includes parts equipped with ball joints and silentblocks.

OCAP production also includes fixed and adjustable stabilizer links that allow the connection between the antiroll bar and the suspension systems of the vehicle. The wide range of stabilizers offers parts with ball joints and with silentblocks.

OCAP can design and produce even non-conventional solutions, in order to satisfy the ever more innovative and performing requirements of its customers.