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Renewal of the OCAP brand



After almost 40 years on the international market, OCAP presents its new image, as a result of the progressive transformation and development of the group. During the last few years the OCAP Group has started an important process of innovation, increasing and consolidating its presence in the world thanks to its distribution network, now covering more than 130 countries.

A process whose core are the values that always marked OCAP as one of the leading companies in the field of automotive components. This is confirmed by the exponential growth of the relationships with the most important international OEM manufacturers. The evolution of the brand aims at reflecting the continuity of the Group in the best possible way, relying on its tradition of quality, precision and passion. The constant attention to the customers' needs is at the basis of the restyling of the website which will now have a more modern and user-friendly interface and will go live in the next weeks.

The carbon fibre background modernizes the packaging of the products and represents innovation and cutting-edge technologies. The 3 “C”s, that remind the spherical shape of the ball pin, are the graphic expression of OCAP, and stand for the 3 product lines (Automotive, Agricultural, Truck) and the 3 key points of the company: R&D, quality and service. Moreover, the “A”, shaped as an arrow and with an innovative format, symbolizes the ascending direction the Group has taken, becoming an international reality, and the spirit of